90 Feet Guesses the Postseason Outcomes

Tis the season for wild speculation! In the grand tradition of the postseason, I’m making my picks for the outcome of each bracket. Toronto and San Francisco have already claimed their wild card wins, so here we go!

ALDS Winners:
Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland Indians – Boston
Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas Rangers – Toronto

**this one is all hope. I’m Canadian and I want very badly for Toronto to make it all the way this year.

NLDS Winners:
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Washington Nationals – Washington
San Francisco Giants vs Chicago Cubs – Chicago

**picking the Dodgers to be eliminated hurts my heart, but I think the Nats have it this year.

Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays – Toronto

Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals – Chicago

World Series:
Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago Cubs – Chicago

So there you have it. Sheer speculation, because let’s face it, with such a small sample size of games, anything can happen, and repeatedly does. We’ll see how close I am.

What are your picks? Comment below!

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