Can’t Watch the World Series?

The pain is real.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough baseball (even if your team is already out), you’ve been watching this postseason with rapt attention. The games have been thrilling, even when they seem to run super long. All bullpen management seems to have been thrown to the wind in favor if a win-or-lose do-or-die mentality. It’s been absolutely sensational, culminating in Saturday’s huge NLCS win for the long-suffering Cubs.

150147557I’m lucky. I have MLB.TV, so even without cable, I’ve been able to watch all of the postseason up until now, switching between my TV and my phone when a game started before I left the office. However, that’s all going to change this World Series weekend. No, don’t panic, MLB.TV isn’t having any issues showing the games. If you’re a subscriber you can still watch.

Me? Not so much.

This weekend I’ll be at a convention from Friday through Sunday, and the whole week leading up will be spent in preparation for that convention. I’ll barely be able to sit down for thirty minutes when I am home, let alone for three hours to watch a full game. At the con I’ll have no power supply to charge my cell and no wifi for my laptop. Therefore: no way to watch games.

This. Is. Tragic.

The first time in over 70 years that the Chicago Cubs have been to a World Series, and I will barely be able to watch a combined nine innings. I’m praying for a 7 game series so I can catch some early next week, but this is obviously not a sure bet in the unpredictable world of baseball. It could be over in 4.


I can’t be the only one fretting over missing one of the most historic World Series in recent memory, can I? No, okay good. So, how can you deal when real life simply won’t allow you to sit down and enjoy the games?

  • Make sure to have a sports app installed on your phone. I used SportsNet, but AtBat would be another solid option (it will let you listen to and watch games as well, provided you have an MLB.TV account). Having an app installed will give you an opportunity to check up frequently on the progressing scores and the play-by-plays for games. This is a great option if you don’t have enough battery life to WATCH the game on your phone but want to keep up to date. SportsNet can even send you alerts if there are game-changing plays.
  • If the reason you can’t watch is no cable and no MLB.TV account, consider heading to a local sports bar. Even in the midst of hockey season, most will have at least one TV showing the game, and if not they’d probably be willing to change one over for you. For the cost of a couple beers and some nachos, you can catch the game around other people. Maybe even make some friends!
  • Will you be at an event where you can’t check your phone every two minutes or see a TV? Have another fan message you periodic text updates.
  • If you’re going to be totally removed from being able to check the games, but can also avoid updates, consider PVR recording them and watching when you get home. This way you can skip through commercials or long innings and get a condensed game.

It’s not perfect, but these options will help you get your World Series fix even if you can’t be at Progressive or Wrigley, or even sitting in front of your TV. Life happens, and sometimes that means you can’t be watching baseball over the Halloween weekend. It doesn’t mean you have to live in an echo chamber, or lose out on the enjoyment of the Series.

Enjoy the games! (Go Cubs!)

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