Review: Pitch – “Wear It”

Note: this review contains spoilers for all currently aired episodes of Pitch.

Pitch changed things up a bit this week, narrowing the focus on Ginny’s struggle with her sudden fame, rather than her interactions with the team. The flashback scenes as well were from the same week as the bulk of the episode. Ginny, it seems, has done something the front office isn’t thrilled with, and they are making her speak to a stress-specialist (played by Rita Wilson).

PITCH: Kylie Bunbury in the all-new “Wear It” episode of PITCH airing Thursday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Ray Mickshaw / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

We learn, through the two parallel storylines, that Ginny signed a huge deal with Nike, and it’s messing with her head. She is suffering from an intense case of impostor syndrome because she doesn’t believe she’s talented enough to have earned all the fame and attention she’s receiving.

This leads to a meltdown at the big launch party for her new Nike line, when she runs off with a waitress named Kara to spend the evening partying with college kids her own way and getting a sense of how the other half lives. Video footage of her antics (wearing non-Nike sneakers) surfaces online, and of course Amelia is livid with Ginny’s apparent selfishness.

PITCH: Ali Larter in the all-new “Wear It” episode of PITCH airing Thursday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Ray Mickshaw / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

This is a more emotional episode than many of the previous ones, in which we watch Ginny address her father’s death, her fears of not being worthy of all the attention she’s receiving, and her desperate need to just be a normal girl. Her connection with Kara was lovely, and for at least part of the episode I honestly wondered if they might develop it into something romantic, since Kara clearly offered Ginny an escape she was so desperately craving.

Meanwhile, the Amelia-Mike love affair came to an end when they both realized it was doing more harm than good with their collective relationships with Ginny. A drunk, disappointed Mike ends up crashing his ex-wife’s dinner party, and she tells him to get his shit together before dragging anyone else down with him (I think we’re meant to infer Ginny from this, as there are some subtle hints that the show might start to explore the Ginny-Mike relationship more).

1x06-wear-it-mike-pitch-fox-39971632-1727-1840Ultimately, Ginny faces her demons and doesn’t run away from the Padres, only to be hit with another inevitable dramatic punch: the sexy selfies stolen from her ex’s phone have surfaced. Should make for some interesting tension in the clubhouse next week. Already picturing scenes of Mike losing it on another player for viewing the content. Evie and Blip were, as always, utterly adorable, and I wish they’d be given a bit more screen time because they’re wonderful, enjoyable characters, and I love to see a healthy marriage acted out on TV.

This was a better episode than last week, dealing with more personal and emotional elements rather than focusing on Ginny as a sports-machine. Pitch continues to work both sides of the plate, and keeps the plot and characters interesting.

Pitch airs on Fox Thursday at 9/8c. You can catch the episodes the following day on Hulu or Fox Online.

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