Let’s get hyped

As the winter months start to drag on and it feels like the shortest month might actually be the longest, the light at the end of the tunnel can seem miles away. For baseball fans, there’s a long, seemingly endless haul between October and April, where any ember of information is enough to stoke the fires week after week. We are desperate for a fix, taking anything we can get, from minor league contract offers and invites to spring camps, to videos of our favourite players working out and getting ready for Spring Training.

Every photo, from the guys at the gym, to the fields under snow, to mascots helping load the trucks, takes us one step closer to spring, and to the season.

So, on this bleak, chilly February day, I thought I’d collect all the best of the hype videos popping up around the various MLB social media sites and compile them into a perfect Spring Training mix-tape of sorts. It doesn’t matter if these are your teams or not. I defy you not to get excited about baseball while watching them.

The MLB wants to inspire us all to go to the gym.

The Indians almost went all the way last year, and their video really captures that brewing optimism for the new season.

I’m not sure what the Rangers PR department smoked before making this one but it sure is something.

This isn’t a hype video but it IS Kevin Kiermaier in hockey gear, so that’s pretty awesome.

Spring might be just around the corner, but in Seattle it’s looking pretty wintery still.

Don’t want to see Safeco looking so snowy? Revisit the 2016 season instead.

The Phillies would like to remind you they’re still a team, and they had a pretty fun 2016.

This one is a year-in-review video, but it still gets me tingly. It’s also 20 minutes long so tread lightly.

And did you think I’d get through this whole thing without posting a Tigers video? Tsk.

Are you guys ready for baseball to start?

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