Sports Crate is a baseball fan’s dream come true

Image courtesy of Sports Crate

Have you ever watched one of those Loot Crate or Fun Fit Fab unboxing videos online and thought “yeah, that’s fun, but there’s nothing in there I’d want”?

The idea of subscription boxes are enticing: once a month a curated collection of goodies arrives at your doorstep and you get the pleasure of a mini-Christmas as you rifle through your new treasures. The problem with most boxes is that there’s no way to specify what you want beyond the general theme. Loot Crate sends out monthly “nerd” stuff, Sprezza sends out things for stylish dudes, Dollar Shave Club… well, actually that one is pretty straightforward. But what’s been missing from the list is something geared towards TEAM fandom.

The makers of Loot Crate, came up with a relatively genius solution to this: Sports Crate.

Starting in May, with an inaugural line of 10 MLB teams, Sports Crate will send a box of $80+ worth of team-specific stuff to your door once a month. Bobbleheads, t-shirts, swag, you name it they’ll feature it. Additionally, by being a member, you’re entered to win “experiences” like joining the team in the dugout, attending batting practice, or throwing out a first pitch at a game.  Basically, it’s a perfect treat for a baseball fan who has a spare $40 a month to kick around.

Image courtesy of Sports Crate

The first 10 teams to be featured will be the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers, with plans to expand to all 30 teams shortly after.

If you’re interested in signing up, or seeing what the crates have to offer, click here and select your team of choice.

Image courtesy of Sports Crate

** I am not affiliated with Sports Crate, this is not a paid advertisement nor do I receive any kind of kick-back if you buy Sports Crate.** 

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