An update: Yes, I’m still here

Wow, been a while!

I know when a blog lapses into silence so long it’s usually a sign the writer has abandoned ship, but that’s not the case.

In the last few months I’ve taken on some new challenges that have eaten up a fair bit of my time, but are also incredible opportunities.

  • I’m now one of the primary editors and writers for Bless You Boys
  • I’m a editor for DRays Bay and occasional contributor
  • I’ll be writing a weekly column for Bleed Cubbie Blue about my favourite topic: Alex Avila
  • And the biggest of all, I was the August resident writer for FanGraphs, a huge and incredible opportunity, but one that did take up a lot of time (and many of the ideas I’d have written about here). You can find all the posts I contributed below.

With all that done, I am hoping to get back into a once a week post schedule here. At the very least once a month! If you want to catch up with everything else I’m writing (there’s no shortage of it), follow me on Twitter @90feetfromhome.

My FanGraphs residency pieces:

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