1093950_10151769690679375_1426735954_o90 Feet From Home is a blog dedicated to editorial sports writing (primarily focused on baseball) and interviews with people whose lives intersect with the game.

Ashley MacLennan is a Canadian author who writes fiction as Sierra Dean, but whose passion for baseball needed an outlet. She is a staff writer and editor for SB Nation’s Tigers’ site Bless You Boys, and an editor for SBN’s Rays’ site D Rays Bay. She is a member of the IBWAA.

She is sarcastic, opinionated, and above all: in love with the game. She is a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan; a Tampa Bay Rays fan; a Toronto Blue Jays fan by national requirement and as long as they’re not playing the Tigers or Rays; and a Dodgers/Cubs/Nationals fan when she needs to pick an NL team to support.

**All articles on this page are strictly the opinion of their author and are not endorsed by the MLB. This blog is entirely a passion project, does not receive funding, and can do without your negative backlash. The author is aware she is a woman, and does not need to be informed that women “know nothing about sports.” Thanks.**